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Conoce nuestra filosofía y nuestra pasión por los caballos.

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  • Lomelin Sport Horses

About Us

Quality is not expensive, it’s priceless
Get to know our philosophy and our passion for horses.

Who we are

Lomelin Sports Horses was born thanks to a passion for horses and for equestrian sports. We are a group made up of professional and amateur riders that share the same objective. We are constantly on the look out for the ideal companion to suite the needs of each person, and each level of riding.

Our Goal

Is to find the perfect horse for every one of our clients, covering every type of market; from the novice rider who is searching for the perfect teacher, to a professional rider who needs the best Grand Prix horse.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to take care of each of our clients, as we, who have already lived through that stage, also know the importance of finding a good companion. For us, the greatest satisfaction is seeing our clients grow in this amazing sport that we all share.

News 2016

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2016 National Show Jumping Championships.

The National Show Jumping Championships took place for November 23 to 27 and from November 30 to December 4 at the Balvanera Polo & Country Club Facilities, located in the city of Queretaro. The EHSF was represented by several of its riders who participated in diverse events, but the best results were seen at the Medium Amateur and Junior categories.

At the Amateur 1.25m show, which was one of the most popular, Manuela Susunaga and Contender Star constantly delivered outstanding performances, which eventually led them to the title of National Champions. A fantastic way of wrapping up this year. In this same show, Hugo Yslas and Rif du Voyeux, with just 4 points from the first place, ended at the runner-up position. Meanwhile, Adrián Gutierrez on the shoulders of Bronco, ranked 6th at a national level.

In the Junior A class, Lorenzo Mills and Enduro also had an amazing appearance, ending with the Runner-Up title, just 1.5 points apart from the first place.

With this amazing results, the 2016 event season has ended for the EHSF team.

Xalapa CSI4*

The CSI4* took place from October 13 to the 16 at the facilities of Club Hípico Coapexpan. The Brazilian, Anderson Lima, was in charge of the course designs at the main arena.

On Thursday, at the Amateurs 1.30 m class, Campoduna and Forcado had clear rounds, leading them to ranking in the 7th and 12th place, respectively. 
Donaugraaf also delivered a flawless performance at the 1.40m CSI4* Welcome Stake, finishing at the 11th position.

The Amateur 1.35 m occurred on Friday. It was a two-phase round in which F.Lomelín and Forcado delivered a clear round. At the main event, the 1.50m CSI4*, F.Lomelín and Donaugraaf, with an impressive performance, achieved a 3rd place.

To give the past days of eventing a proper ending, on Sunday, at the Amateur 1.35m competition, Forcado and F.Lomelín had a great first round, securing their place at the jump-off. With a remarkable time, they finished in the 2nd position.

Second Week of CSI2* Otomí.

The second week of eventing took place form September 29 to October the 2nd, at San Miguel de Allende.

The LSH team started off with great results. On Thursday, F.Lomelín and Forcado obtained the 4th place at the 1.35m show. On that same day, this rider, this time riding Donaugraaf ranked in the 5th place at the 1.40m competition.

On Friday, at the 1.40m show, F.Lomelín delivered a great performance, finishing in 4th and 11th, with Limouchello and Donaugraaf, respectively.

To end a successful week of eventing, on Sunday at the main event, the 1.50m Grand Prix, F.Lomelín and Donaugraaf delivered a flawless round, securing their place at the jump-off. Twelve pairs made it to second round to compete for the first place. With one more clear course, F.Lomelín and Donaugraaf finished in 4th place.

CSI2* Otomi, First Week.

The LSH team started on the right foot as on Thursday, F. Lomelin and Limounchello won the 1.35m competition in which over 60 riders participated. That same day, F.Lomelin and Donaugraaf ended in the 13th position at the 1.40m show.

On Friday, F.Lomelin and Limounchello, who had been off the arenas due to an injury, delivered a flawless performance at the 1.35m course, which eventually led them to the 6th position. At the 1.40m show, once more, Donaugraaf had a remarkable round, finishing in the 4th place.

To end a good week of eventing, on Sunday at the 1.35m competition, F.Lomelin and Forcado finished 12th with four faults in the second phase.

The LSH team starts the second season of events at the Rancho San Juan Grand Prix.

After a long summer break, the LSH team is back on track starting off at the Rancho San Juan Grand Prix. On Saturday, F.Lomelin, riding Mike and Donaugraaf, competed at the six bar event. After a thrilling performance, he achieved a 2nd and 3rd place.

The main event, the 1.40m class, took place on Sunday. The winning pair of this event would become the owner of a brand new car. With more than 30 riders competing, the LSH team, represented by F.Lomelin and Forcado, managed to rank in the 5th position.

The Lomelín Sport Horses team wins the Equsport Cup at Balvanera Masters 2016.

The Oxer Sport - Equsport Masters 2016 championship took place from 2 to 5 June on the Balvanera Polo & Country Club, in the city of Queretaro.

On Thursday, F.Lomelín, on the saddles of Forcado and Campoduna, performed at the 1.20m and 1.25m competitions as warm up for the rest of the week. Forcado ended at the 4th position, while L.Campech and Mike obtained the 10th place. At the 1.35m show, Danaugraaf teamed up with Alfredo Ramirez. The pair delivered a magnificent round with just one time fault.

The 1.35m Longiness Cup, with a Winning Round, took place on Saturday. F.Lomelín performed with his three horses, securing their spots in the jump-off by delivering three clear rounds. A total of 25 pairs made it to the final round. Donaugraaf was the first to perform, followed by Campoduna, delivering great performances, but both had a knock-down in their rounds. Forcado was the last to go, and as usual, he had an outstanding round with no faults and a strong time, which eventually led them to the 3rd place.

The main event took place on Sunday, the 1.35m Equsport Cup. With the participation of more than 40 pairs, F.Lomelín and Campoduna, were among the 11 riders who jumped clear over the first round. With a clear round and the best time in the jump off, they managed to clinch the title with a remarkable performance.

CSI 2*Otomí.

The second week of the championship took place from May 19 to 22 at San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.

The american Anthony D’Ambrosio was in charge of the course designs at the main arena.

In this occasion, the Lomelin Sport Horses team was represented by Francisco Lomelin on the saddle of Campoduna, Mike and Donougraaf.

This week, the star of the team was Campoduna, who has been delivering outstanding performances, and this time was not the exception. At the Welcome 1.35 class competition, with a prize of $50,000 and more than 50 riders performing, Campoduna had a wonderful round, ending with a flawless second phase and an extraordinary time, which eventually led the duo to the third position.

CSIO4* Xalapa

The second week of eventing took place from April 28 to May 1 at the Hipico Coapexpan at Xalapan, Veracruz. Riders from different countries performed at the competitions as the event included one of the qualifiers for the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup. Once more, the LSH team delivered outstanding results. On Thursday, at the 1.40m class, F.Lomelín and Donaugraaf ranked in the 4th position.

On Friday, Donaugraaf had another great performance at the 1.40m show, ending 5th. At the Amateur 1.35m competition, F.Lomelin on the saddle of Campoduna, finished at the 9th position.

On Saturday, again at the Amateur 1.35m competition, Campoduna’s efforts were flawless, winning the 1st place.

To close this last week of events, on Sunday, at the Amateur 1.35m show, F.Lomelin and Campoduna kept on with the good results by delivering a clear round, securing their spot at the jump-off, in which they were the fastest pair, but one unfortunate knock-down eventually left them 8th.

CSI4* Xalapa

From April 21 to 24, the CSI4* event took place at the splendid facilities of the Hípico Coapexpan at Xalapa, Veracruz.

The Lomelin Sport Horses team had a good start. On Thursday, F.Lomelin on the shoulders of Campoduna, ranked in the 2nd place at the High Amateur 1.30m show and 3rd with Donaugraaf at the free 1.30m competition.

On Saturday, F.Lomelin, again with Campoducna and Donaugraaff, was once more among the best riders. At the 2* Amateur 1.35m speed show, Campoduna finished 4th, while Donaugraaf obtained the 9th place at the 1.40m speed competition.

To close an excellent week of eventing, on Sunday F.Lomelin and Donaugraaf won the 1.40m free competition and Campoduna achieved yet one more 4th at the High Amateur final.

Triumph of Lomelin Sport Horses team at the AT&T Cup in the Global Champions Tour Mexico.

From April 14 to 17, the Campo Marte at Mexico City hosted the second date of world’s the most important equestrian event, the Longiness Global Champions Tour.

The acclaimed italian, Uliano Vezzani, was appointed as course designer for both 2* and 5* events.

Saturday was a great day for F. Lomelin and Forcado as they won the 1.35m AT&T Trophy. More than 40 pairs performed at the first round, but only 9 jumped clear in the first round, securing their spot at the jump-off. F.Lomelin and Forcado were the third pair to participate at the jump-off, immediately positioning themselves in the first place and maintaining their position until the end of the competition.

3rd Place for the Lomelín Sport Horses team at the Michou and Mau Cup

For the second year in a row, the Micho and Mau Cup took place. This is a fundraising event held in support of the foundation with the same name, dedicated to provide financial aid for treatment for burned children of low-income families.

The event took place at Rancho Salazar and the course designs where created by the tapatío Benjamín Fernández. The 1.25m show occurred first, followed by the 1.40 show, in which the Lomelín Sport Horses performed with the same duo as last year, conformed by F.Lomelín and Forcado.

With more than 40 participants, only 9 delivered flawless performances, securing their spot in the jump-off. F.Lomelín and Forcado were among these strong contenders, being the fastest pair, but an unfortunate knock-down at the jump number 16, lead them to the 3rd position.


The CSI4* event took place at Balvanera, Queretaro from March 17 to 20. On this second week, the course designs on the main arena were under the supervision of the brazilian Anderson Lima.

On the first day of eventing, the Lomelín Sport Horses team, represented by F.Lomelín and Forcado, obtained a 6th place at the 1.40m competition.

On Friday, F.Lomelín once again delivered a remarkable performance. In the saddle of Campoduna, the team achieved a 3rd place in the 1.40m class.

Saturday, F.Lomelín and Limounchello had an outstanding performance in the 1.50m show. An unfortunate knockdown led them to the 12th place.

To close two weeks of successful eventing, on Sunday, Campoduna gave one last great performance, ranking in the 7th position in the Amateur 1.35m competition.

CSI3 * Balvanera.

The CSI3* event took place from March 10 to 13 at Balvanera, Queretaro.

The course designs that occurred in the main arena, were created by the spanish Santiago Varela. Thursday started with the 1.35m event, in which the Lomelin Sport Horses, represented by F. Lomelin and Campoduna, had a great start, obtaining the 6th place. In the same way, the team, this time with Limouchello, delivered an outstanding performance in the 1.45m competition, ranking in the 8th position.

On Friday, F.Lomelin and Campoduna had a remarkable performance in the 1.40m class, achieving a 3rd place. Saturday, F.Lomelín on the shoulders of Casspio, repeated a 3rd at the 1.35m competition.

To close with a grand finale, F.Lomelín swept the 1.35m competition winning 1st, 4th and 5th with Forcado, Campoduna and Casspio, respectively. In the main event, the 1.50m competition, F.Lomelín and Limounchello, continued on a winning streak with a great performance with just one time fault.

All the action at Balvanera will continue next week with the CSI4*.

First date of the Sedena Championship.

The first date of the Sedena championship took place the past 6 and 7 of February. It was also the first metropolitan competition of this year for the LSH team, represented by L.Campech and Benu San Lorenzo. The pair made its appearance at the 1.20 amateur class on both days.

On Saturday it was a two-phase track, in which they finished with four faults on the first phase. On Sunday, to make up for the previous day’s results, they delivered an outstanding performance ranking in 1st winning the speed competition.

Second Week at Avandaro.

After two weeks of competitions, the equestrian events at Rancho Avandaro come to an end, as the facilities will be transformed and used for practicing water skiing.

Just as last week, the events started off on Thursday. The LSH team, represented by F.Lomelín and Casspio, who is now debuting at the 1.40 shows, delivered a wonderful performance ranking in 9th place. At the 1.35 competition, Donaugraaf had a remarkable round, with just one fault due to time.

On Friday, F.Lomelín and Campoduna had a flawless round at the 1.35 competition.

On Saturday, Casspio, under F.Lomelín, debuted at the Clasico, in which the pair did an excellent round, finishing at the 15th positions with four faults.

The Show Jumping Season Starts with the Triple Scappino Cup CSI-W 4*.

With course designs by the brazilian Guilherme Noguera, the World Cup qualifier for the Jumping North American series took place, for the first time, at Valle de Bravo, Mexico.

The event started on Wednesday with the 1.35 competition in which 72 riders from diverse countries participated. In this competition the LHS team was represented by Campoduna and F. Lomelín. The pair jumped a magnificent clear round.

On Thursday the team delivered an outstanding performance. With more than 50 riders at the 1.35 level, F.Lomelín finished 2nd and 6th with Balzane and Casspio, respectively. That Saturday, the LSH rider F.Lomelín was found once more among the best riders of the competition. He ranked in 2nd place with Balzane and in 10th with Campoduna.

To end a wonderful week of competition, the LHS team had great results at the 1.35 class with a winning round. F. Lomelin with Casspio and Balzane were among the best twelve so they compete in the jump off. With an excellent time and a flawless round, Casspio finished 5th and Balzane ranked in 10th after knocking a pole.
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