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    Quality is not expensive is priceless 
Conoce nuestra filosofía y nuestra pasión por los caballos.

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  • Lomelin Sport Horses
  • Lomelin Sport Horses
  • Lomelin Sport Horses
  • Lomelin Sport Horses
  • Lomelin Sport Horses

About Us

Quality is not expensive, it’s priceless
Get to know our philosophy and our passion for horses.

Who we are

Lomelin Sports Horses was born thanks to a passion for horses and for equestrian sports. We are a group made up of professional and amateur riders that share the same objective. We are constantly on the look out for the ideal companion to suite the needs of each person, and each level of riding.

Our Goal

Is to find the perfect horse for every one of our clients, covering every type of market; from the novice rider who is searching for the perfect teacher, to a professional rider who needs the best Grand Prix horse.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to take care of each of our clients, as we, who have already lived through that stage, also know the importance of finding a good companion. For us, the greatest satisfaction is seeing our clients grow in this amazing sport that we all share.

News 2017

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The first Vista Hermosa Cup took place from 25 to 27 August at Cuernavaca, Morelos.

After a long summer break, the LSH team is back on track.

The event started on Friday with course designs by the ‘tapatío’ (born in Guadalajara) Salvador Fernández. At the 1.20 m/1.25 m speed class, F. Lomelín and Campoduna had an outstanding performance, which led them to the third position. In this same show, F.Lomelín and the newest team members, Chapo (AKA Chadomo) and Forzando, delivered great rounds ending with just some faults due to time.

On Saturday, at the 1.30 m competition, Campoduna and Forzando, were once more among the ribbon winners. The team had a spectacular closing, on Sunday; F. Lomelín and Campoduna were the best performers, topping the 1.30 m La Union Cup,

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Camino Viejo a Mixcoac No. 100, Col. San Bartolo Ameyalco
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5810 0632